Frederick College Gate

After the publication of news about the 2006 Frederick College Reunion appeared in the Norfolk
Newspaper, I received a phone call from a local resident who recognized the Gate archway from a photo that appeared with that article.

He phoned me to tell me about his acquisition of this iron work for his home in Chesapeake. Being a little skeptical about his statement, I went by his property with camera in tow just to see if the this was the actual gate. Sure enough, it is - or at least appeared to be - the archway that adorned the Gate area of Frederick College. Upon arriving home, I compared my photos with those of the old gate and there is a definite difference in that there are slots cut in the metal work which weren't there in the beginning. But having attended both the Military Academy (the original Frederick College) and the College, I packaged up my pictures and sent them to the owner of the archway. On our first phone call, the owner said that he even had the lettering that had been in place when the archway was at Frederick. Upon getting my pictures, he went to his storage and did find that the letters he has spell out Frederick Military Academy which of course, was the forerunner and actually, the parent of Frederick College.

Special thanks to Larry Bryant of
Chesapeake, Virginia for the freedom to photograph his property
and for calling to inform me that the Gate still lives.

Frederick College Gate Lives

Tidewater Community College Gate at the Present

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